Easy Butterfinger Frankenstein Cookies for Halloween

We’re loving these adorable Butterfinger Frankenstein Cookies, just in time for Halloween! This tasty fall dessert uses peanut butter cookies; melted almond bark; candy eyes; and the crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery taste of BUTTERFINGER®️️ Fun Size candy bars to create a festive Halloween sweet that’s almost too cute to eat. Click here for the full easy recipe.

Marshmallow Rice Krispies Mickey Mouse Pops | What Charlotte Baked

After our epic trip to Walt Disney World a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t help getting in the kitchen and putting the Mickey Mouse sandwich cutter I purchased at the unbelievably massive World of Disney store to good use! Because who doesn’t love Rice Krispies treats – and I bet you’ve never seen Rice...Read More »

Halloween Brimstone Bread

Rumor has it, when demons in Hell make this bread, they roll the dough in the deep pits of sulfur and soul dust and cook them in the hot brimstone vents.


Putzig oder schaurig? Auf jeden Fall sind diese Cake-Pop-Pralinen megalecker und auf jeder Halloween-Party ratzfatz weggefuttert.

Herbed Pork Ribeye Roast with Cauliflower

Herbed Pork Ribeye Roast with Cauliflower | Put something amazing on the table – like this herb-rubbed pork ribeye roast paired with roasted cauliflower, shallots and crispy bacon, then drizzled with creamy Chardonnay-butter sauce.

30 of The Most Amazing and Easy Easter Treats For Kids

30 amazing Easter treats for kids that they are going to absolutely LOVE. These recipes are easy to make and are great for parties or for school. There are ideas that include chocolate, peeps, no-bake and non-chocolate treats. The difficult decision will be deciding which one to make first!

A Foolproof Thanksgiving Table Setting, According to My Mom

The line between dinner and decoration is much thinner than you'd mom worked as a food stylist back in the day when Elmer’s glue passed for milk and mashed potatoes were ice cream, and although she no longer works alongside the camera, she’s still one of the craftiest people I know. She can